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Black and White Project
1996 - 2005

I began this series portraits shortly after opening a studio in downtown Portland in the mid 90s. Initially, my artist clients, posing with their art, provided interesting subject matter. As time passed the project expanded to include all those people in my life -- not just clients but acquaintances, friends and family who were making art.

This series provides a window onto not only some of Portland's well-established and recognized artists but of many people in my personal as well as professional life who think about, write about, talk about, curate, sell, register or even, in my daughter's case, just plain love to make art.

I undertook this project as a means of investigating different styles of lighting, composition and film format. It was during this period that Photoshop was beginning to displace film but it was comparatively limited, slow and expensive. So I decided to make all my portraits in the traditional analogue way with film, filters and physical manipulation of lighting. I also printed everything in a darkroom, using an enlarger and chemical baths. I think the unique and sometimes quirky characteristics of film become evident when viewing this body of work in its entirety.

Thanks to the encouragement and support of Mark Smith, I was able to exhibit this series at PCC Sylvania's North View Gallery in 2010. It is now becoming a monochromatic mirror to a color series of artist portraits which I began in early 2016. See images of artists in color.

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