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Photography Books

I am happy to announce that books containing images from my artist portrait series will soon be available. I began this project in 1996 and now, with the photography finished, I am working toward making them a physical reality. I hope to realize this within the next year. The four volume series, now including color photographs, encompasses 134 people involved in the visual arts throughout Oregon and southern Washington. An additional single volume offers insights into the production of the portraits, including my shortcomings, successes and viewpoints from the photographer as well as sitters.

Roger Hull writes:

Aaron Johanson's four-volume Subject and Object presents color portrait photographs of 134 people involved in the arts, mostly Oregonians, who in each frame show us one or more of their works. These photographs are thus respectful of both artist and art, subject and object. Johanson's elegantly composed pictures also reflect his own long-time involvement in the regional art world, for he has interacted with all these artists in his role as an art photographer and friend.

Subject and Object is a visual diary of interactions with diverse individuals: women and men; white artists and those of color; well-known artists and those who have flown under the radar; those who have prospered as well as those who live on the edge. By scanning the barcode at the end of each volume, readers can read Johanson's notes on his interrelationship with each of the artists. These beautiful books document a rich artistic scene and a photographer's personal and professional involvement with it.

Roger Hull

Independent arts writer and curator