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Art Bergs


Art Bergs are works currently on display at Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon, during the month of February, 2020.

Made of sandstone, paint and various other materials, and designed primarily after icebergs, my art-bergs are 3-D metaphors for our time.

Why icebergs? Icebergs are symbols of frailty and victims of the new geologic age we have created, the Anthropocene, which is ushering in sweeping change. Icebergs are nomadic. They never get asylum. They melt away gradually. And, now, their very existence faces a dim future given the inexorable rise in global temperature.

Although icebergs lie outside the forces of evolution, I shaped these art-bergs as a way of imagining how icebergs might adapt if they had at their disposal a change of wardrobe and the option of a new occupation. The non-berg associate art works -- the ones without "berg" in their title -- are also political metaphors of our time.